Regional priorities

Regional priorities

Our Plan reflects eight regional priorities that have been adopted by the RPB. These have been shaped by the national policy context, statutory requirements under the Act and the findings of our Population Assessment.

Our regional priorities fit into three categories, as set out below:

ENABLERS OF CHANGE – improving core processes and building capacity to deliver
  • Regional Workforce Strategy
  • Integrated commissioning
  • Implementation of the Welsh Community Care Information System (WCCIS)
TRANSFORMING KEY SERVICES – integrating models of care for different population groups
  • Transforming Mental Health and Learning Disability Services
CROSS-CUTTING THEMES – areas of change that span different population groups
  • Information, Advice and Assistance
  • Carers
  • Service integration and pooled funds
  • Welsh Language

Comprehensive work programmes are in place in support of each of the objectives and key deliverables from these are reflected in the objectives set out in our Delivery Plan in Section 3.

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